HitchDieds in Cape Town Podcast Episode 13


If the ending of this week’s podcast feels abrupt, it is because there was a whole section that I couldn’t include because Collin adjusted his grip on his phone so that the mic was covered up. But don’t worry, the good stuff is all here:

00:00 Intro
00:28 We are not doing a very good job letting the pressure of having to record this podcast dictate how interesting we make our lives.
01:33 So we pretend for a few minutes that we are interesting to properly impress the internet.

05:10 I nearly didn’t make it to the summit because of my fear of dogs.
07:10 Collin was a sweetie pie and took care of the situation.
09:11 You get a 360 view of Cape Town from the top of Devil’s Peak

11:00 We FINALLY went to Eastern Food Bazaar

11:50 (This will make more sense after the extra bit)
12:31 Jeff’s blog post about “you must” in South African English
13:03 Here’s how Eastern Food Bazaar works, so you won’t be confused like we were!
13:41 Rabbit hopping:

14:07 Sign-off
14:35 EXTRA BIT!


  1. I can’t believe I’ve never listened to your Podcast before. I want to be your friend.

    Although if I met you on the trail, you’d probably hate me because I hike with my 80lb dog off leash. (He’s pretty well behaved. I was impressed with him this weekend. I make a point to step to the side of the trail and make him sit while people pass us. And I have a leash for when there’s a bunch of people. I’m mean and make him carry it in his pack.) And that was just a giant awkward justification.

  2. I love your logic! “Maybe if I overcome my fear and pet the dog, they will be more convinced that Collin really is the one with the phobia!”

    Uh. Dorbs.

  3. Hysterical hysterical!!!!!! About the bizarre bazaar!!!!! Collin is sooo funny!!! Loved your hike and Collin was a true gentleman with the dog phobia!!! I love it!!!! I want to hike it when we come to visit!!!!….. And robin ….. I absolutely LOVE your laugh!!!! You fill me with such joy!!!! Thank you for the fantastic podcast!!! Love you guys!!!!!!

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