Culture Shock of the Day #10


This feature seems to be functioning as much as an insight for people from the rest of the world into the narrow expectations of sheltered USians like myself as it is a window into how things are done here in ZA. Which is actually really cool.

So now I ask: does the rest of the world not have it’s prescription meds distributed in little amber-colored bottles?

This is my how my new batch of Prozac came:

On the one hand, it’s cool to see the branding on a particular type of generic Prozac (why yes, my brain does have a gentle bird in it now that the reuptake of seratonin is being selectively inhibited!). On the other hand, BLISTER PACK? Seriously? I have enough trouble consistently taking my meds without brining in my lack of fingernails into the equation. UGH.


  1. “Nuzak” is so dystopian future. “With Nuzak, your darkthoughts of nowtimes take flight!”

  2. Nope, no amber-coloured bottles here! To me, they’re like those little white cardboard Chinese takeaway boxes – completely ubiquitous in films, but I’ve never actually seen one in real life. We Scots lead pretty sheltered lives too ;)

  3. Does it make you feel like your meds are somehow less intense? I feel like my experience with the blister packs is from like tylenol or pepto bismol. I need the amber bottle in order to realize the prescription nature of what I’m taking!

  4. I feel like the trend might be moving to the states. My Imitrex came in a branded box with a blister pack.

  5. Why do you need fingernails to open a blister pack? (And yes here in Australia the blister pack is god)

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