HitchDied the Podcast: Episode 3


00:00 Intro
00:21 This week’s refreshment: adult juice boxes

01:00 Driving a manual car
03:22 Boring stuff about Collin at work
04:19 Boring stuff about Robin’s “housewifely concerns”
05:15 We had a boring week but a great weekend!
06:20 We went out to dinner… AT NIGHT!!
06:40 Our neighborhood is EMPTY at night; it’s a little scary.
08:11 Dinner at Fork
09:18 We say “point” a lot of times
09:46 We made a friend at Fork
10:38 I say “telekenetically” when I mean “telepathically”
12:06 “Awesome” v. “Brilliant”
13:27 Running in the Company’s Garden
14:16 Going to Camp’s Bay, or rather, going inside a giant cloud

15:10 Shoutouts and sign-off


  1. Perhaps the problem with the wine boxes was that one of them is called Droe Rool…. which sounds an awful lot like D….Rool to me.

  2. I loved Collin freaking out over the washer. I’d be so pisses. JUST WORK! Also, Lauren definitely brought home saying “shame” in response to things and I have picked it up a little! She also says “rubbish” and I think there are a couple others. She may see this, so I’m sure she can chime in on the other habits she picked up.

  3. Kudu! So, so good. Also, springbok is fantastic, if you find that on a menu.

  4. first of all if I were a lot younger…and If I lived in Cape town South Africa….. I WOULD SO want to be your friends!!!!!!! You two are hysterical!!!!!! We enjoy listening to the two of you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is just BRILLIANT to hear your voices!!! We Love you to pieces!!!!! Bigger than the whole universe!!!!!!

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