Saying Goodbye


We leave for Cape Town in three days.

I have not even begun to deal with my feelings about going, because I’ve been using up all my energy worrying about leaving. Between the distractions of practical preparations like packing and settling affairs and the heart-wrenching emotions of leaving my friends, family, and favorite city behind, I haven’t been able to wrap my mind around how I will be living in a foreign country for the first time in my life in a few short days.

People (friends, family, bank tellers) keep telling me “you must be so excited,” and I keep saying I am, even though I think excitement requires a tiny inkling of understanding of what you are in for, which is something I do not have.  Does it count as excitement if a part of you thinks, “This could be really awesome?” That’s all I have right now.

It is the demented and sad truth that right now the thing I am MOST excited about is having new material to blog about.  I have missed blogging something fierce.  And writing about being thrust into a culture I don’t understand is my blogging wheelhouse.  Yes, I’m intimating that getting married is like moving to a foreign country.  You know it totally is. There’s even obnoxious paperwork involved.

So stay tuned to HitchDied for (much more frequent! I promise!) updates on our international adventures. And in the meantime, God Bless the USA.



  1. Good luck… I have been living abroad for something like 10 years now, and experiencing other culture will make you grow in all kinds of unexpected ways, you understand more, you see how we are all different and alike at the same time. I wish you guys all the best and really look forward to hearing your adventures-
    I am really excited for you guys !

  2. Good luck!

    And also, how was the half-marathon??

  3. I’m excited to read about your new adventure. Best of luck to you and Colin.

  4. I actually thought to myself, earlier today, “Oh my god, Robin is going to be out of the country for the 4th of July, she must be SO UPSET.”

    Because yeah, I think about you even in my off hours, away from the internet. Maybe you can temporarily distract yourself from the pain of leaving by contemplating how creepy that sounds.

  5. Oh! I’m so excited by proxy! I can’t wait to read all about it. I got to go to namibia for a few weeks last year and loved it, so hearing anything about that general region will be great. Good luck!

  6. It will be scary. I moved abroad six years ago. It was only to London, but it was a culture shock nonetheless. I moved here with a boy I met while travelling in southern Africa. We got married two years ago.

    Moving abroad with someone that understands your highs and lows and emotional needs makes a hard sitution that much easier. You take turns taking care of each others’ culture-shocks.

    It is terrifying and it is amazing.

    Drop me a line if you need to vent about southern Africa or the particular feeling of being an American abroad.

  7. I totally get what you mean about excitement/not being able to process it. I’ve had that experience many times in my life, and wouldn’t know how to explain my mixed feelings to people who asked.

    I sent an email yesterday with a few suggestions about South Africa. Hope it helps a little!

  8. All the very best, Robyn. I so look forward to reading about your adventures and experiences in a new world.

  9. Godspeed, Robyn! I hope the move has gone well so far. I am excited to follow along and hear all about your South African adventures to come! I’m thinking good thoughts for y’all!

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