The Best Detail At Our Wedding


You know that thing people do where they display family wedding photos somewhere at their wedding? It was important for us to do that, because we love our families so much, and also to allow for this joke:

Why yes, that is a photoshopped picture of our cats Stu and Wendell getting married.

We dressed them up in costumes from repurposed wine-bottle covers.

Here’s some behind-the-scenes photos:


  1. Is this a gay cat marriage? Because I fully support that.

    • Indeed it is. The background is from San Francisco City Hall, even though CA is currently not recognizing gay marriage.

      • Stu and Wendell are such trail-blazers. Defying the unjust state laws! No discriminatory policies will stop them! A true Romeo and Juliet story, Stu and Wendell. Except, you know, ending happily.

  2. That is the best thing I’ve seen on the internet all day. No, make that all week. And I’ve seen a lot of things.

  3. This is not something I should be admitting, but when I saw that picture of Collin and the kitties at the bottom, I immediately thought “I’m going to KISSES some KISSES.”

  4. This is soo cool. I think it is the next thing after cool.

  5. I hope this has now made its way into your home, too. Too good to only have out for the wedding!

    Best wishes, Stu and Wendell! Many, many happy kitty years together!

  6. Does this mean you will have to get Stu and Wendell anniversary presents every year on your anniversary?

  7. This is the weirdest thing any of my friends have ever done.

  8. i hope this is framed on the mantle.

  9. MMmmMMmMmMMMMmmMMMmMmmM!!!!!!!

  10. You guys are awesome at life. And congratulations to Stu and Wendell!

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