Gold Fusion


I think I should get my wedding band fused to my engagement ring.

In case you don’t recall, my ring set looks like this:

Pretty, right?  The problem is, the wedding band is almost never lined up the way it is supposed to be. The diamond on the engagement ring actually pushes the wedding band out of alignment.  And it drives me crazy. I have to fix it as soon as I notice it, even if I am typing or in a yoga posture or DRIVING. I do not want to die in a fiery car crash because my stupid wedding band doesn’t know how to stay in place.

So I think I want to have a jeweler solder them together.  But I am a little worried about doing that, because a) I do NOT want to ship my rings back to Arizona, but the only jeweler I really trust is the one who made them there; b) A quick Google search reveals a lot of (frankly, mommy-jacking) “Do you do it, young naive engaged woman! When you have a baby you will only wear your wedding band! Baby poop delicate little faces IMAMOM!”  I want to ignore them, because my wedding band looks silly on its own, and my engagement ring has a bezel setting so it isn’t sharp.  But I am not a mother, and therefore, do not understand the mysteries of the universe/know anything about anything.

Did any of you fuse your rings? Do you like that? Do you have any advice for me for how to get it done?


  1. Your rings are absolutely beautiful! I also have a bezel bypass setting (http://carpaltunnelbride.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/photo4-e1313081980693.jpg) and I was told by my jeweler that the eventual band should be fused because otherwise the rings rubbing together causes tarnishing.

  2. I have a wrap/guard style ring that looks like 2 bands and is connected on the bottom, and then the engagement ring fits between them. It makes it so convenient because they always stay together and lined up. I recommend getting them soldered.

    I also have a completely plain band (we used both on our wedding day) and I either wear it on my right hand with the other rings on the left, or alone on the left if I don’t wear the big ring. If your ring becomes unmanageable in the future, maybe you can get a completely plain one to wear temporarily? My white gold band was under $100.

    Also, always ignore those people.

  3. Not that I have expertise with either the delicatness of babies or that style of wedding band and engagement ring fitting together (though my own wedding band, while lovely, drives me NUTS when it rotates off center argh!), but I’d also say to go for soldering them together. I’m trying to spread the word that engagement rings really shouldn’t be hazardous to one’s own health with giant rocks sticking out that you scratch yourself with or will get caught in your hair when showering or whatnot, but yours seems to fit that already so if you can’t hurt yourself with it, I don’t see how you’d hurt a baby with it.

  4. My mother, who is 61 and has two perfectly normal (heh) children, once heard me talking with someone about the trend of “OMG YOU WILL NEVER WEAR YOUR ENGAGEMENT RING AFTER YOU’RE A MOM BECAUSE YOU WILL SCRATCH YOUR KIDS AND THEY WILL DIEEEEEEEEEE.”

    My mother has a very high set diamond, in a kind of sharp, pointy setting. She also has pretty much not taken off either her wedding band or her engagement band since getting married, 41 years ago. She made a O.o face at us and said, “Hmm, I never scratched you.” And that was the end of that conversation. :D

  5. What about the jeweler for Collin’s wedding band? Maybe they can solder them together for you. My vote is go for soldering. Don’t not do something that will make you happy now (and a safer driver) on speculation of what Future Robin may or may not care about. Let her deal with that when it arises; I am confident she can handle it.

  6. I had my rings from my first marriage soldered together. Wore them for 10 years without ever killing or maiming anyone. I found them to be substantially more comfortable soldered because when I tried to lift things before they were fused together, the two bands would separate and then come together, pinching the fat part of my finger.

    This time around, I have a wedding ring that is meant to be worn with my engagement ring, but I’m debating whether I want to get them fused, mostly because I’m debating whether I want to wear the wedding band all the time. I love, love my engagement ring all on its own and am quite tempted to just wear it alone even after the wedding. I suppose that after wearing this ring for two years, it’s no wonder I’m not in a hurry to change it up. If I do end up wearing my wedding band regularly, I will probably get them fused together for comfort and so that the two rings won’t rub against one another.

  7. My rings have been soldered from the get-go and I have never had any problems. (and I’m a mom) I’ve never scratched him (those women must be wearing gigantic rocks on their fingers!) And as far as baby poop…that nastiness is gonna get you regardless of what you’re wearing on your finger!

  8. i am so grateful for this post! i am debating this myself. both my engagement ring and wedding band have one small diamond on the left side that are supposed to line up but they NEVER stay that way. i didn’t want to fuse them together because i like the option of only wearing my wedding band–hadn’t thought of the mom thing, just camping or traveling or something. why aren’t there wedding ring interior magnets?

  9. Oh I just remembered! I’ve heard of this thing where they drill a tiny hole in one ring and make a tiny peg on the other ring and then they fit together, which helps hold them in place. I think one of my friends has it on her rings. The hole and peg are small enough that they don’t really show if you wear the rings alone. Obviously that’s an even more intense job than soldering them, but I thought I’d mention it!

  10. I love, love, love your ring. And I’ll vote for soldering! I can’t really weigh in because I won’t do that to to mine — the band and engagement ring don’t fit together, so it wouldn’t make sense. But dude, DO IT FOR YOUR SANITY.

    Also, can I just say that I would gladly ditch my band for just my engagement ring. I don’t care if that makes me shallow. It’s purdy, so much purdier than the plain band.

  11. Just solder them. Very practical. All of my in-laws have done this. If I didn’t have a left hand wedding band but right hand engagement ring, I’d do it too.

  12. I’m in the minority here because I tend to be anti-soldering. I really like having the option of wearing one ring or the other, or both; the variety is pretty appealing. Plus, two fancy rings are better than one, right?

    All that said, in cases like this, soldering makes perfect sense. If the band doesn’t stand alone well, and especially if it turns in wonky and irritating ways, go for it!

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