Halfway through the ceremony, just as Collin was beginning his vows, the sun started to beam right through the big stained glass window at the Grand Concourse and the entire room filled up with brilliant gold light.  Everyone asked me if I scheduled our ceremony at 6:30 with that exact moment in mind.  People give me too much credit.

Photos by Louis Stein, who may be a weather-controlling madman.



  1. Yeah totally, wedding magic. It happens. Glad you had it. (In our case rain was programmed, and up til the night before the whole week was downpouring like crazy. But on the day, it was warm, gentle, sunny, perfect).

  2. wow same thing with us as the comment above. It rained for 7 days straight before our wedding…and for 2 days after our wedding. But on our wedding day, it was sunny and beautiful, except for one quick summer shower right as we finished taking pictures before cocktail hour. Couldn’t have timed it better if we tried!

  3. Robin, the EXACT SAME THING happened with us! Down to the warm flooding light coinciding with the start of our vows. Wedding magic indeed!

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