True Story: Make Sure It’s Sugar, Not Salt


This approximates how I spent my Friday night, only I wasn’t this funny:

I’m not ashamed! It’s exactly what a Pittsburgh bride should be doing as she teeters toward her one week mark.

[Although I have to say getting to know your Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer while tipsy is kind of risky. Am I really this drunk or does the bowl actually unlock with a clockwise turn? I thought "righty tighty lefty loosey" was the last sacred tenet of our culture.]

An additional important note is that while shopping for cookie ingredients at the liquor store (like you do) I discovered the existence of ginger-flavored brandy, which means all of my whiskey drinks have just fallen into bed with delicious. My signature cocktail of the last ten minutes? Mix 1 part whiskey with 1 part ginger-flavored brandy, top glass with lime-flavored soda, love your life.


  1. Haha, the title made me think of one time at the university residence, with my 2 best friends, trying to make breakfast with our LAST milk . So the plan was to make oatmeal, with cinammon (best student food ever) and we chose to “steal” some sugar from the “common” table. And we added tons of it . Except it was salt. And we had to throw it all away and starve, cause we did not have any milk left, it was Sunday and everything was closed. Have fun in your last week… you totally should ;)

    • Oh, I so feel you with the college-time oatmeal diet and the “now that we’ve ruined the food there will only be starvation” (ask Liz about the time we burned the red beans and rice).

      I highlighted the sugar/salt conundrum to make fun of my sister, who accidentally topped her Christmas morning scones with coarse salt instead of coarse sugar. I love her, but I will never let her live this down.

  2. starring “cheese as sorely missed” – best new internet gem of my week! good luck in your last week! may zen be yours!

  3. Haha this is great, good luck as you countdown to the final days!

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