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As you hopefully know, I blog every Sunday at The Broke-Ass Bride. The Original Broke-Ass Bride herself, Dana, suffers from the autoimmune disease  uveitis, which causes inflammation of her eye and can lead to blindness if untreated. She’s had eleven surgeries in the last nine years and has a twelfth coming up, and her medical bills are stacking up, even with her health insurance coverage.

True to form, Dana’s found a creative approach to help her escape her medical debt while helping others at the same time: launching the fundraiser Dishing for Dana. You can read all the details here, but the short version is this: Dana is collecting comfort food recipes from various and sundry bloggers, and online access to the collection of recipes is your reward for a donation of any size. Larger donations get additional incentives, like a paper copy of the Dishing for Dana Recipe Collection for $40 or more, and a Fresh Hubby rap for a donation of $500 or more (Oh, if only I had an extra $500!).

10% of all donations up to the fundraising goal of $22,000 will go to the American Autoimmune Related Disease Association ($2,200). After the fundraising goal is met, 50% of all further donations will go to the AARDA. The AARDA brings awareness, patient services, and research funding to the area of autoimmune related diseases, which encompasses a myriad of health conditions (seriously, have you ever watched House?) including lupus, rhuematoid arthritis, psoriasis, Type I diabetes, Celiac’s disease, Ulcerative colitis, and many, many more.

So you get the good feeling of helping out one awesome lady, PLUS the mitzvah of donating to a worthy charity,  AND ON TOP OF ALL THAT you’ll get a bunch of new awesome recipes for delicious comfort food.

This is a really important cause to me, and not just because I adore Dana. At least two members of my Bridal Hootenanny have autoimmune diseases, as do several people in my family and other close friends of mine. Also, it isn’t officially recognized, but my I’m-not-a-doctor-and-I-don’t-even-play-one-on-TV opinion is that eczema is autoimmune related.  So I really hope you will all take the time to check out Dishing for Dana, and hopefully donate and/or contribute your own comfort food recipes!

[You won't want to miss out on how to make HitchDied Apple Pie.]


  1. Robin, Thank you so much for this incredibly sweet and generous post! You are such a gift to the community, our blog, and my life. I’m so glad to know you and call you friend. Rock on, sister!

  2. I hope she raises a ton of moola, she’s an awesome lady!

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