Cyber Bridesmaids


First, have you guys heard the awesome story of how this wedding blog community banded together to get Sarah & Tony some more time with their wedding photographer? Well, we did. Don’t miss it. We’re like a band of cyber bridesmaids, which really makes me want to print ceremony programs so I can flaunt ya’ll.

Many of the Cyber Bridesmaids are also celebrating International Women’s Day today. I am one of many awesome women bloggers participating in the In Her Own Words event on One Cat Per Person and Any Other Wedding today. Here is my post.

Banner: Joshua Gomby

Today’s also a good day to check out my non-wedding blog, Double R Diner, if you haven’t already.  If you like my movie reviews or Not the Knot posts, you’ll like Double R Diner. Me and my co-blogger Ramona are celebrating IWD/Feminist Coming Out Day by chatting about our feminist origin stories.


  1. I’m going to wear a silver dress and paint buttons on it so I can be a cyborg bridesmaids. I still can’t leave that one alone. It’s the geek in me.
    Thanks for this post! Love love love Double R Diner just as much as I love this space you got here.


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