Not Cool, Marty Stew


Martha Stewart Weddings’ email of the day promises “our favorite wedding dresses.”  Clicking through to the link, this is what pops up:

REALLY? Really, Martha Stewart Weddings, you’re leading off your wedding dress feature with THIS? During THIS?

I’m… just. I just—Gah. I am so embarrassed for Martha Stewart Weddings I can’t even really be properly outraged.

Ok, I gave it a minute, and yes I can:

It’s creepy enough to digest a city of 8 million people into FASHION INSPIRATION for American brides.  But showing a white lady in a flowy gown in front of a freakin’ tourism painting and blathering about Cleopatra while the Cairo that human beings actually live in is in crisis is disgusting.

The Egyptian government choked off its people’s access to the Internet, but the people were still able to organize a protest of two million.  Meanwhile, Martha Stewart Weddings is sending out casual e-blasts about thousand dollar dresses that will make American brides look fashionably Cairene.

Photo from BBC News



  1. Dearest Robin,

    Thank you for keeping it real.

    Hearts and more hearts,

  2. I didn’t get this email blast, so I missed this. You are right on the money. This is beyond far beyond tasteless and crass.

  3. I am disgusted. As a fashion historian who is currently teaching a class about dress in world cultures, I am really trying to emphasize to my students that we can’t take a culture and simmer them down to a token style element. It is offensive and ethnocentric. To do this at a time when a group of people is in the middle of crisis is even worse.

  4. AMEN lady. a friend of mine told me during a terrible (still ongoing) time for Mexico how exotic she felt it would be to spend her honeymoon in Mexico…”well, not Juarez, of course…I’d like to stay as far away from that mess as possible!” Que!?

    I have this vision that America sees itself as some sort of Virgin Mary or Mother Theresa of the 3rd world…that we care for other countries and protect…when really, we’re often too busy pulling up the white dress we put on ourselves to keep it from getting “dirty” from the real happenings across the globe…we’ll help if it helps our image…

    well, that was a tangent.

    what i meant to say was: Amen.

  5. Did you hear about Kenneth Cole’s effort overnight? Using the #cairo on twitter to advertise his new season line. Suggesting the 2 million egyptions on the street must have been there as they must have heard about the new shoes…. Well done Ken! (At least there has been a retraction and an apology)

  6. yikes. still better than the awful kenneth cole tweet though

  7. also, I forgot to mention how I spit out my drink when I read ‘marty stew’. so. awesome.

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