Polar Bears in the Boys Room


While putting that stamp  on one hundred or so save the dates, I could not stop thinking about this “funny” video I saw around this time last year:

It’s a dramatic reading of wedding message board posts regarding polar bear post card stamps, part of a series by comedian Giulia Rozzi.  It relies heavily on that comedic golden goose of an abbreviation, STD.

But even more so on the general principle of “bitches be crazy.”  Especially engaged bitches.

And I sigh deeply.  Because I want more women in comedy. I want more women who are creative and brave enough to film themselves doing bits, and to share them to try to make strangers laugh. I want my kids to never hear people have serious conversations about how “women just aren’t funny.”  And it appears Giulia herself agrees!

But I don’t like when women in comedy get all their material from reasons other women are lame.  Because I hate casual misogyny in general, but especially when perpetrated by women.  And I hate it even more when perpetrated by women in a dudely field of dudeitude.  Because that helps no one.  Plus, it doesn’t make me laugh.

And honestly, it just hurts my feelings, as a woman.  In this case, a woman who cares about her wedding, and really likes communicating with other people about wedding planning. A woman who dedicated more than a passing thought to the strangeness of polar bear stamps on a fall-colored save the date for a summer wedding.

Maybe I’m being over-sensitive. Must be getting my period. Chicks are the worst, right, man?


  1. I agree but also think that weddings are comedy gold mines! We need more Sarah Haskins type comedians who can avoid hating on the playa but can nail the game.

  2. I love this and I love your post. I have never tweeted about another blogger’s post and I am going to do so today. So worthy.

  3. Agreed. Chicks are awful indeed.

    But seriously, it hurts my heart when I hear this stuff. Like or not, each woman is a tiny individual ambassador of our gender, and some of us are misusing our powers of representation.

    Will we eventually learn? Or will we finally submit to our too-small brains?

  4. I’m not sure that some women realize that there are some men who will never take us seriously if we don’t take each other seriously…

  5. Well, I think that clip is hilarious. I get what you’re saying about women not making fun of other women, but you gotta admit a lot of those posts are worthy of ridicule. Sometimes, the comedy is just sitting there, begging to be shared with the world!

  6. It is definitely joke worthy–the craziness that exists in a community of people who freak out about wedding days is completely comical. And to think that a woman comic can’t needle her own gender is holding us to a different “special” standard that frankly, just ain’t funny and becomes sexist in it’s own right. So, yeah– no one’s hating on you personally but if you are willing to share all of your wedding woes online, rest assured you stand a chance of being ridiculed. And at the end of the day, publicly freaking out about the right envelope or place settings seems pretty stupid and makes for delicious fodder.

  7. here here! great post! I totally agree. we need more women comic that are funny and less catty. just an FYI, if you had a special on comedy central I would totally watch it…just sayin….

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