Why Mod Cloth?


I’ve seen a lot of people on the Internet suggest Mod Cloth as a source for dresses for the bridal party.

Now, Mod Cloth seems like a cool company, and I don’t mean to bad mouth them at all.  I love Internet window shopping on that site.  And if I had more money coming in, you can bet your ass I’d also have more Mod Cloth dresses coming in.  And finally, Pittsburgh REPRESENT!

But I seriously don’t understand why people recommend Mod Cloth for bridal parties.

First of all, the sizing is banana tree.  Half the dresses appear to come in three different variations on “small.”  And I’m skeptical about the “runs true to size” claim that is bestowed upon almost every dress.  For example, the Raise the Roof dress comes in small, medium, and large.  The size chart allows for as much as four inches difference in bust and five inches different in hips between sizes.  But the length difference between a medium and a large is only .5 an inch.  Which, unless I’m misunderstanding dress physics, means that dress is going to be significantly shorter on anyone closer to the high end of size range.  When the dress is only 30 inches and change long (dresses on Mod Cloth are often very, very short), that can mean the difference between “cute dress!” and “remember that time Sherri flashed beaver at Pam’s wedding?”

Second, the styles seem to come and go very quickly, which is not necessarily a problem for “I need a dress for the office party” but in the case of “My friend tells me I need a dress for next July and it should reasonably coordinate with the dresses of five other people I may or may not know” might be trickier. Unless the day the bride tells her friend with the very nice shoulders, “I want you to be a bridesmaid; would you find a blue or green dress in a style that flatters you?” is the day this dress appears on ModCloth, and she finds it and buys it before it sells out.

Third, the categories you can filter the dresses by aren’t that relevant to the usual “uniting theme” people usually use with their bridal party’s attire.  There’s no options to sort by color or fabric, and even if you are using “tiered” as your unifying theme, that means a lot of different things.

So why all the love for Mod Cloth when it comes to dressing the bridal party? Am I just not getting it because I’m square? [I mean, I'm so square I still plan on putting my bridesmaids in matching dresses, and only doing the "different but coordinating dresses" thing for the extended Bridal Hootenanny.]  Do I need to be shorter or something so I can wear a dress that is 30.5 inches long?  [Possibly more short-waisted? I don't know what short-waisted means.] Or are the cool kids’ bridesmaids wearing leggings now?  Is that really the world we want to live in?





  1. Short-waisted means that your torso is short in proportion to the rest of your body. Ergo, short-waisted people tend to have longer legs.

    And yes, you and I both need to cut off about six inches off our bodies to remotely consider wearing any dress on modcloth to a wedding. Which is a shame, because I love modcloth as I love my own soul. I had to return a dress the last time I bought one from them because it was for a wedding and it was clear that if I got on the dance floor even once, it would mean the end of what little dignity I have left.

    • Thanks for the definition! I had a woman in Gap tell me I was short-waisted once when I asked for long-length jeans. This was the same shopping trip where I realized I can’t ever wear one-piece swimsuits because my torso is too long. I am skeptical. Or is it possible I need both long-torso swimsuits and long-leg jeans? I’m not even 5’9″. How does Kaitlin shop ANYWHERE?

      • I think of you as pretty proportionate. Since you’re tall, maybe you do have both a long torso and long legs — just proportionately. (Which would negate the short-waisted thing.)

        My friend Nicole works at modcloth, and when I moped to her about my dress-for-wedding dilemma, she just sighed knowingly and said, “Yeah, all of our dresses are too short. They’re like shirts.” So at least they…know about it?

  2. Um, I’m right there with you. I think a lot of their dresses are kind of cute, but the sizing is terrible. I have pretty short legs, and I still feel like I’m giving everyone a show in ModCloth dresses.

  3. I like that their ‘longer’ dresses section includes dresses that still fit in my “woah..thats pushing it” short category. But then again, I am super square too and can’t do the mini

  4. and this is why I’ve yet to actually purchase anything from ModCloth – I’m terrified of trying to accurately decipher sizing.

    • I’m sure I’ll crack someday when I have more money coming in or a more pressing need for new dresses. I will hope that the style I like the best is one of the ones that comes in numbered sizes. And that the returns policy is friendly.

  5. Ha, all their dress are too short for me to comfortably wear and I’m 5’2″ and shortwaisted.

  6. Facebook keeps telling me Modcloth is the perfect place to find bridesmaid dresses, so every so often I check again. Nothing they offer would ever work because my bridesmaids are a wide variety of shapes and sizes and Modcloth apparel seems to come in only one.

  7. I love modcloth but the sizing is bonkers. I got our dresses at urban outfitters for cheap and the girls seemed to love them. god luck ion your quest!

  8. I have tried ordering from ModCloth twice. And both times resulted in “flash the beaver” dresses. It’s very upsetting, since I really love the idea of their styles.

  9. i’ve been feeling the SAME way about modcloth lately. i don’t think they have great sizing options…i love the style of their dresses, but yeah…yikes.

  10. I love modcloth but their sizing is CRAZYTOWN. Thank god for the shipping back and forth. And for bridesmaids dresses. NO.

  11. the only thing i ordered from modcloth and didn’t return was a plus-size bathing suit. but that was only after posting about it and getting lots of feedback from actually suit users.

    modcloth has great stuff, but nothing i could ever ever wear. and that sucks.

  12. Mitcho, I remember you wanted the Bridal Hootenanny* in metalics so I’ve gone ahead and purchased this dress from ModCloth. I hope that putting on this dress doesn’t make me break the rule of not outshining the bride but how could I resist when presented with “its sultry, asymmetrical drape, bold array of silver and gold circular sequins, and unique geometric pattern.” I couldn’t I tell you, just couldn’t.

    *Have I expressed my delight in being a Hootenanny member? It tickles the part of me that speaks in Boxcarisms to no end. (the next bit is to be read to the tune of the song “I’m a Bank”) I’m a Hoooootenanny member!

  13. Hmm..
    We had two bridesmaids in modcloth dresses, and they weren’t overly short at all. They were fantastic actually, and cheap to boot. But I’m not gonna lie- in the pictures (on the modcloth website) they looked almost matronly in length, and my maids might have thought I was nuts if I didn’t shop for a living and thereby have some tiny inkling of authority on such subjects. Or something like that. Point being- I think you can find a gem on there if you scour obsessively and buy immediately when you find one of 3 or 4 acceptable dresses. That’s my take on it anyhow.

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  16. way too short, I always have to order an extra long to make it long enough, and then it is too baggy! so silly, they should make them longer, we can always get them hemmed.

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