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The past couple of days, the wedding has been a stressful topic leading me to do silly things like sob in airport restrooms. So I sort of skipped out on reading blogs and watching wedding movies and doing all the normal “wedding planning”1 stuff I usually like to do.

But then I saw the name of my blog on Souris Mariage’s post about adding a newbie to the blog roll, and did a “Wait, that’s MY BLOG” double take.

Thanks to those who nominated me in the comments, and if you want to head over and comment about how awesome I am on the semi-finalist post I will not discourage you. If you want to head over and comment about how awesome the other blogs are, I also will not discourage you, because let’s face it: we’re all awesome.

1Webster’s 9th defines planning as “to devise or project the realization of.” HitchDied’s 1st defines planning as “obsessing over without making constructive progress toward any goal.”

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  1. You are quite the hot commodity! :}

    Nicely done on the nomination!

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