Faster, Pussycat! Marry! Marry!


Apparently, September is the new June: the month everyone wants to get married.  Which means less flexibility in contracts, less availability of vendors, more guests having to choose between attending our wedding and another.  So we’re re-targeting our date from Fall 2011 to Spring 2011.

Collin is all about getting married sooner.  He’d probably be totally cool with getting married next month if we could swing it.

I think I’m less likely to get completely sick of weddings if we cut the engagement down by four months.

There’s also the fact that my birthday, May 7, is on a Saturday in 2011.  Is it totally lame that I think it would be AWESOME to get married on my birthday?  [And for anyone concerned about me getting a combination birthday/anniversary present for the rest of my life, I assure you that Collin will probably only buy me a gift once every ten years or so anyway, and I've already accepted that about him.]

My biggest reservation about the switch is based in superstition.  I am embarrassed to admit it, but for a reasonable, logical woman I am really quite superstitious.  Collin, a scientist, finds this even more pathetic than I do.  But I read that May is unlucky for weddings: “Marry in May and you’ll live to rue the day.”

I know it is lame, and the “reasons” for the superstition given on the website I linked to all sound lame to me, but I will still think about that rhyme a lot if we choose a May wedding date.

Well, there’s always April!


  1. I would love to be married on my birthday. DOUBLE the FUN. Ahem, and we are getting married in may ;)

    • So as a May bride, did you ever hear that rhyme? Or is it the sort of thing that only superstitious, old-fashioned WASPy people worry about?

      For example, I feel like everyone knows about the four “somethings” the bride wears, but no one does “the sixpence in her shoe” unless I am around to force them to.

  2. Yes yes, but. But. That link of superstitious goodies also claims that it’s horribly unlucky to get married on a Saturday. But perhaps if that Saturday were also your birthday, your birthday luck would cancel out the Saturday horribleness. Then you’d be back down to an even neutral.

    All things considered, if you’re really serious about your superstitions, you will get married on a Wednesday in September, provided of course you saw nanny goats, pigeons or wolves during your proposal and that your two last names do not begin with the same letter. Also, please remember to arrange for the presence of lambs, toads, spiders, black cats and rainbows at the wedding.

    Won’t be as easy indoors. :(

    • Hee! I noticed the anti-Saturday superstition as well. I should really learn to brush these things off, because there are endless superstitions that serve no purpose other than to make my brow furrow unnecessarily.

      For example, I really want to incorporate a ladder into my reception decor (I’ll explain that in another post), but I realize that invites people to walk under the ladder.

  3. We’re getting married in May as well…I say it’s super lucky! :)

  4. Loved my May (Saturday) wedding and love my happy marriage! Anniversary #4 on May 13.

  5. Do it! If you already haven’t! I think May would be lovely for a wedding, and I have not heard that superstition, but I’m not too superstitious. Except for knocking on wood, not sure why that one stuck all my life.
    PS: I am marrying a scientist too!

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