June 30, 2011
by Robin

Let the Games Begin

Still wanting to marry Collin after Pennsylvania’s required three-day “cooling-off” period, I will be heading downtown to pick up our marriage license today. And then the trouble starts. Collin and I applied for a self-uniting marriage license.  This means we … Continue reading

February 19, 2011
by Robin

Let’s Talk About Sex

[ I had to use that title. Sorry. Couldn't be helped] The wedding/marriage blog community offers such delightful, thoughtful, funny, intelligent conversation on almost every aspect of relationships: the fun stuff, the hard stuff, the scary stuff, the mundane stuff.  … Continue reading

October 17, 2010
by Robin

Forsaking All Others

While watching two television characters share a first kiss yesterday, the thought occurred to me that I won’t get any more first kisses (I mean, barring adultery, divorce, or widowhood. Let’s bar those things, shall we?) And I was a … Continue reading

October 12, 2010
by Robin

Our Biggest Fight

Last weekend, my cousin Rocky, who got engaged the night before Collin and I did (totally stealing our thunder), told me about his experience at the marriage-planning retreat mandated by their church.  He summarized it thusly: “You know the five … Continue reading