HitchDieds in Cape Town Podcast Episode 37


Sorry for the wait, everyone, but good things come to those who wait.

I have for you a Very Special Episode with some of my best friends, who came all the way from the US to visit me in South Africa. We recorded almost an hour of raw footage, which I was able to easily pare down by cutting out our laughter. The rest you’ll get as a special all-extra bit montage later this weekend, and then we’ll be back to our regular posting schedule with me and Collin this Monday.

I hope you enjoy this podcast 1/100th the amount I enjoyed Abby, Liz, and Kaitlin’s visit, because that will be an incredibly fun experience for you.

00:00 Intro [sorry I got the episode number wrong! I was my last night with my friends and I drank too much! Pretend I said 37!]
00:22 Welcome our guests Liz, Kaitlin, and Abby:
01:08 Liz acknowledges that visiting Cape Town and living here aren’t the same
01:29 We all crammed in our tiny apartment, but it worked out because of the power of love (and lawn furniture)
02:44 So sappy, already
03:22 Everyone shares their most “spiritually funriffic” experience on the trip
03:37 Abrupt Factsy edit
03:40 Everybody loves penguins

05:52 There were also Dassie, which freaked all of us out, except for Liz, because she loves rodents
07:11 I would show you these pictures, but Abby is notorious for not uploading photos until they’ve aged at least six months
07:55 Liz’s most spiritually¬†funriffic moment was on the game reserve drive (the same one we did with Jessica)

08:30 Although this time, we had the World’s Sexiest Ranger, which made it even better
10:38 Reminder of rhino poaching tragedy
11:47 “What the nonsense!?”
12:04 We also did the wine and chocolate pairing at Lanzerac wine farm and loved it!
12:32 And we went to Robben Island (by the by, get well soon, Nelson Mandela!)
13:39 Frankly Scarlett was reunited when Abby and Liz came to my improv class


14:35 If you live near Pittsburgh, check out the Arcade Comedy Theater! Actually, you should check it out regardless of where you live.
16:39 Because Abby (along with Liz) is one of my comedy soulmates
17:00 A few more notes about the game drive (and not about our guide)
17:30 Poop spitting. YOU HEARD ME.
18:14 Long, grateful and then morbid outro
19:12 It’s not really the last episode!
19:24 There’s no EXTRA BIT right now, because there will be an episode-length montage of outtakes up this weekend! You’ll love it!


  1. The dassi was adorable! (But admittedly sort of angry looking.)

    I can’t wait to hear the extra bit. I had so much fun on this trip. I will probably listen to this podcast once a day or so from now until the aforementioned (sorry!) deathbed.

  2. “Did you know that ALL of the penguins are loose?” = BEST.

    I google-imaged a dassi and found it to be ADORABLE. It looks like a groundhog with different ears, kind of.

    Love the LOST reference (duh) and the reprise of the Frankly Scarlett theme song. <3


  3. Awwww! Thanks so much for posting this. I feel like I just got to hang out with all of you and it was amazing. So much love!

  4. I almost cried when this was over……I miss all of you crazy ladies and I am sooooooo happy you took the time and wonderful energy to be with my kids!!!!!! you are precious, adorable, hysterical fun fun funnest friends EVER!!!!! thanks for sharing!!!!!!!! Love to all of you!!!!!!!!


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