HitchDieds in Cape Town Podcast Episode 28


A very shouty, boozy, Christmasy episode, choppily edited due to the aforementioned shoutiness and booziness.  With special guest Jenn, visiting us from the States!

00:00 Intro
00:22 Welcome our guest, Jenn Z
02:55 Penguins are cuter in winter but still pretty good in the summertime!

03:30 Scenic drive on Chapman’s Peak

04:30 we’ve also been watching a lot of bad action movies, which is the foundation of Jenn and Collin’s friendship.
05:05 If this doesn’t make sense to you, watch this:

Liam Neesons & Bruce Willy from Peter Atencio on Vimeo.

05:15 Jenn and Collin went to a game reserve and had a disappointing experience but still saw cute animals:

07:50 Jenn and Collin prepare to go shark diving, Robin doesn’t because she thinks it is bad karma for a wannabe surfer/because she is a scaredy cat
09:00 We went to the beach on Christmas!
10:37 I edited out like a minute and a half of me singing, and you should be grateful for that.
11:20 Answer: Yes, yes they do.

12:25 I edited out another minute and a half of me singing and you should be EVEN MORE GRATEFUL
13:20 Christmas dinner with Collin’s fellow expat coworkers!
13:50 Jenn had her first Pimm’s cup and fell in love
15:00 Homework assignment
15:20 Outro
15:32 Extra bit!
16:19 Extra extra bit!


  1. Your pictures are great!!!!! And hey….. Dad listens too!!! So you Definitly have three listeners!!!! But nO one, you guys, NO ONE loves listening more than I do….. I swear to God!!!!!! I laugh, I cry , I miss you, I am sooooo happy that Jenn is with you and I cannot believe……… cANNOT $&&#%^*+€€>~| believe that you went swimming with sharks!!!!!! Please please you have to have another podcast and tell us about your experience!!!!!!!!! Merry Christmas, happy Kwansa, happy Hannukah,,, Happy New Year and I love you guys to pieces!!!!!!!

  2. Another great podcast. Do they know is totally racist, but I do think it’s funny that you really did forget it was Christmas. I sort of wish that song had been what reminded you

  3. Yay Jenn! Yay shout-out to the Twiggs!

    Shall I do a parody of “Thank you for being a friend” them from Golden Girls but change it to “Thank you for being a lez” in Jenn’s honor? As much as I love to think I wouldn’t feel so threatened by my man having so much friend love for another chick, I know I would feel EXACTLY the same. So I <3 this whoooooole scenario.

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