HitchDieds in Cape Town Podcast Episode 27


00:00 Intro
00:42 Another public holiday in South Africa! The Day of Reconciliation, which is weird.
02:30 It’s been hot! (I love it though)
03:32 We did dinner & movies date night and saw Looper
04:45 I think I edited out obnoxious kiss smacks at this point
05:55 We had a couple lazy days to start out the weekend
07:14 Because we had to rest up for the Gugulethu 10k

07:23 (Collin takes off his pants.)
08:25 Long discussion of South African townships
09:45 Suffer through my Italian accent!
13:04 Then we went to the beach
13:50 And later went to a friend’s “roof wetting”


This is a spanspek (supercharged cantaloupe) cocktail! AMAZING.

14:36 SHOCKING TWIST! We’ve been drunk the whole time. Just like in The Sixth Sense!
16:00 Anticipating a visit from our friend/housesitter Jenn!
17:20 Just in case this is our last podcast before the Apocalypse
18:03 Outro
18:26 Extra bit!


  1. Great podcast!!!! Not boring AT ALL!!! Love to hear about your run, your run through the townships, the beach, your friends and parties…… Sounds like a very wonderful life!!!! and I am soooo jealous that Jenn gets to visit!!!! ( only kidding) soo happy she’s there for you two!!!! Post tons of pictures!!!! Love you all!!!!! Tight hugs and squishy kisses!!!!!!

  2. Dudes! I am catching up!

    Ok, so I desperately want to talk Looper with Collin! I really liked that movie but did have some issues with it. Not sure if it’s the same stuff as Collin. But yeah.

    Also, I love Robin’s “you’re awesome” response to Collin saying The Walking Dead was awesome — but she said it like it was some kind of insult! Adorable.


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