HitchDieds in Cape Town Podcast Episode 22


We’re back! Exhausted, but happy to be with each other again.

00:00 Intro
00:22 Clarification of the episode numbering
00:40 Robin is back in Cape Town!
01:04 Story of my two-day journey back to Cape Town.
02:28 Collin picked me up at the airport Saturday morning, but we were waylaid by car funnies.
04:26 A live recording of our car dying on the N2
05:30 Reading the manual allowed us to restart our car and get it home
07:00 Picture of the scary sight under our hood when we got home:

08:22 Bond Party! Seriously, so awesome.

11:10 I met with my editors from LeWeekly at the Mount Nelson hotel for afternoon cocktails
11:37 Collin did go out a few times without me before I came back!
12:17 I’m making pasta while Collin is talking about this stuff, sorry for the background noise.
12:51 Face Time saved our marriage.
13:01 We talk about the best things about being back together.
14:54 Sign-off!
A message from Collin while I was still in the States:


  1. OH MY GOD. I know it probably was not funny at the time, and it sucks that you’ll be without a car, but when the car went silent and Collin reacted, I LOST MY SHIT. That audio was hilarious, even if your situation was not. Holy shit. Thank you and I’m sorry.


  2. You guys are sooooooooo adorably cute!!!!!!!! Loved the podcast!!!! Sounds like you two are really enjoying Cape Town, meeting and getting together with fun people. I love how you love at each other!!!!!! We miss you sooo much!!!!!!!

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