HitchDieds in Cape Town Podcast Episode 7


Better late than never! Hear all about our adventures on our anniversary weekend in the new podcast!

00:00 Intro
00:20 Happy first wedding anniversary to us
00:36 Boulders Beach penguin sanctuary

01:40 Collin imitates the donkey noise the penguins make

02:02 And coins the greatest penguin-related term ever: “fin wings”

03:43 Trip to Stellenbosch
04:30 Afrikaans is a really bizarre language
06:16 Journey into wine country!
07:20 Lunch at Le Pommier; wine dedicated to a cow

08:18 Wine tasting at Tokara wine farm
09:25 Surprisingly delicious dessert wine
10:36 The ongoing controversy regarding opening champagne “five-star style” or “bar style.”
13:00 Outro
13:32 EXTRA BIT!


  1. I love your podcast. <3

    I don't think this five-star thing is legit. It almost sounds like they want the five-star to be a big, showy thing. Which would explain why the bar tender had a not-totally-happy look on his face.

    But yes, Abby is right: the "correct" way to open champagne is with no pop, fully controlled, at a 45° angle.

    If you do it right it almost sounds like a silent but deadly fart.

  2. The dessert wine was (most likely, from looking at their wines and doing research) a “Noble Late Harvest” – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Noble_rot

    Late harvest grapes are sweet and dehydrate on the vine, turning into raisin-y things ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Late_harvest_wine ) and the noble rot removed the moisture and makes the grapes sweet.

    Also, you can make raisin wine or straw wine from grapes that have been dryed, but that seems less popular and more expensive than the late harvest kind.

    After that wine note, I just have to add that I LOVE penguins! So cute, with their fin wings. Now you can cross off number 11 on your 30 x 30 list.

    And the cow wine is adorable.

  3. Bronwin!!!!! Love it!!!!!! Guess I still like Robbie better!!!!!!!! What an amazing anniversary !!!!! One you will never ever ever ever forget!!!!!!!! I want a baby penguin!!!! A MUST visit them when we come to Cape Town!!!!! raisin wine sounds yummy to me!!!!! Sweeter the better!!!!!! We sooooooooooooo enjoy your podcasts!!!!!!!!!! We all feel so connected!!!!! Thank you so very much for sharing this special journey of your lives!!!!! Tight hugs and squishy kisses!!!!!!!!

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