What Do You Want From Me?


As I transition HitchDied from wedding blog into whatever blog, I still want to honor its roots.  I don’t want to leave my wedding story incomplete.

There are a few more posts I know I want to write. I want to write about the speeches our family gave at the wedding, but I would want to listen to them again before I did that and we never seem to have enough tissues in the house to allow for that.  I want to write about how much I hated the hotel we had our room block at, but remembering those trials is bad for my blood pressure [short version, Pittsburgh brides, is that the Sheraton at Station Square is THE ABSOLUTE WORST. Also I still haven't gotten a call from them after I left an excoriating review on their online survey and requested to be contacted regarding my opinions. GAH. I repeat: THE WORST.]  I want to write about our awesome DJ. I want to write about the morning-after brunch. I want to write about when I first chopped off all my hair.  And I definitely want to write about the honeymoon.

Am I missing anything?  Are there any parts of the HitchDied wedding story that haven’t been told that you’re dying to hear?

And to force myself to actually tell these stories, even though it is easier to blog present-tense, I hereby ordain and establish Flashback Friday, which hopefully will force me to mete out the remaining wedding recaps in a regular fashion.  See you next Friday with a blast from the recent past!


  1. flashback friday is an awesome plan. sometimes i remember something from the wedding, and want to share it, and it just feels oddly out of place.

  2. WEDDING NIIIIIIIGHT! Did you or didn’t you?

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