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This is how you know you have cyber bridesmaids: when you become part of a chain of generosity that takes a lot of the money and the effort out of having a wacky photobooth at your wedding. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Instax Camera began with Maggie sending it to Becca.  Becca ran a giveaway on her blog which Jo won, and Jo, being a Wedding Hero, had it sent to me before my wedding even though that was only six days after her own.

Let me tell you: people love instant cameras.  The sound the camera makes when it feeds the film through, the shaking of the picture to help it develop faster (I don’t even know if that works!), the white frame to write goofy captions on, these things just make people happy.  And need I remind you of the magical memory tour that is looking at film photographs?

Now (that I have finally retrieved it from my venue), I pass it along to the next bride.  The winner will get the camera and three boxes of film.  The only catch is you have to keep the Sisterhood alive by sending the camera to another wedding (if you don’t have a blog to run a giveaway through, I can coordinate another one through here. We’ll work it out.)

Here’s how to enter:  1) Leave a comment on this post telling me about your favorite goofy photo prop (mine from our wedding was definitely the “This is awesome” speech bubble.  2) Be sure to leave your email address 3) Promise to send the camera to another wedding after you are done with it.

I’ll be accepting entries through 11:59PM EDT on Monday, August 29, 2011.  I’ll announce the randomly-selected winner here the next day!


  1. Oh man, I want this camera so much…but I am not planning a wedding. Pass. Maybe the Sisterhood will still be live when my time comes.

  2. Oooh, what a fantabulous idea! Could definitely use this at my wedding (though it’s not til next August so I might hold the lovely bridal chain up a bit?! ….oh, and I’m in England…!)

    But if it’s possible, I’m so in. My goofy prop of choice at Le Wedding will be these gorgeous paper lollies from Eat Drink Chic that I’ll make for the children, but will no doubt ‘borrow’ later in the evening…



    Oh, and I hereby solemnly swear to pass on to another instant camera loving bride – *promise* x

  3. It would be so neat to be part of the chain sharing this camera- in the company of some awesome ladies! And of course I’d definitely pass it on after my October wedding.

    In terms of props… pretty much anything from the gift shop of the American Visionary Art Museum. Especially any of these glasses: http://www.sideshowbaltimore.com/SIDESHOWsite/Glasses.html

    Thanks for this giveaway!

  4. I like the pirate hat and I would definitely pass the camera on after my sister’s wedding on 9-10-11.

  5. Oh, man, I would so love to be a part of this. (Getting married 11.12.11, eek!) I am torn on favorite props–it’s got to either be a monkey face knitted cap or feather boas. Feather boas instantly make everyone feel silly and photogenic. :D

  6. oh would love to win this! My sister and I have been trying to figure out how to fit a photo booth at my wedding venue (September of 2012) and this would certainly help :o ) I went to a wedding a few years ago that was at the groom’s house and they had a homemade photo booth set up in the living room. The best props were these little finger puppets the bride got at Ikea! There was a fireman, a policeman, a chef, etc, etc. They were just SO random, it was cute :o )

  7. Definitely throwing my hat into this race. Let’s see: wedding is in October, and I will of course pass along the camera and leftover film to cyber bridesmaids. As for favorite props, I like using a white board, funny noses and will probably have a number of goofy hats (I particularly like the robot hat that I have at home).


    Like Charlie, my wedding isn’t until next August, but I have to try anyway.

    As far as favorite prop, it is almost definitely alcohol and my friends’ lack of inhibitions. Does that count? Or does it just make me a bad person?

  9. I would love to win this! I adore that it travels from wedding to wedding and would certainly keep that tradition alive.

    You can have a lot of fun in photobooths with hats and feather boas, but I love dry erase boards and/or chalkboards. Just seeing what people would write in their own speech bubbles is amazing. There are sweet messages and funny messages and that is part of the fun.

    My wedding is quickly approaching–September 16, 2011 and this would be so fun at our outdoor wedding.

  10. We would love to win this giveaway, as we don’t have any “photo booth” plans, but think this would be super fun for our guests. I also love the idea of passing on this tradition, and solemnly promise to pass it on to another wedding after ours (which is on 11.11.11). :)

    Our venue is a restaurant/bar out in western MA that has an “open music night” every Wednesday, and they encourage everyone to join in, which means lots of fun small percussion instrument are floating around. I imagine these would make great props.

  11. Oh, meeeee!!! My wedding is in 1 week and 3 days, and I bought a vintage brownie camera (to use alongside our modern camera in our photobooth, so people had the option of different looks, because YES I am totally that kind of bride). But then we found out that the brownie camera film cost $37. Per roll. Each roll has 6 exposures. And has to be shipped from Chicago. Soooo now the brownie camera is just going to sit somewhere and look pretty. I didn’t enter the ring when Becca was giving it away because it was too far ahead of time for me. But now? Now the effing heat is ON and I need a d*mn camera. This d*mn camera. Plz?

  12. Email: Just_monkeying_around_333@yahoo.com
    Wedding date: October 6, 2012
    Location: About 45 mins southwest of downtown Pittsburgh
    Favorite Prop/Likely prop to use:

    Because my “man-of-honor” has this ridiculous beard envy, I’d have to throw in some awesome facial hair. Plus, it’s totally cliche and who doesn’t love that! We’re also having our event at our local gun club because we couldn’t pass up on free, and it turns out that our day is also the first day of archery season. I think we might throw in some orange hunting vests and maybe some deer antlers just for some extra laughs. We’ve got a wild bunch coming to our “after party” [i.e. the reception where we can invite everybody we want without worrying about affording to feed all of them] and I’m sure they’d come up with some AWESOME pictures. We’re also really skimping on photography services, so a photo booth would be a really great and simple way to make sure we get a lot more pictures since most people are more focused on drinking and dancing than taking pictures (who blames them!).

    That being said, as much as I’d like to win this, I also know that my wedding is over a year away. I’d like for us all to work out a chain of winners! So, whoever does win this, think of me come next October ;-)

    I swear to pass this onto another bride if I so happen to win. :-)

  13. Hi robin!

    As the date draws closer (12.10.11) and the budget starts exploding around us, I would love love love to carry on the sisterhood. We would probably find most enjoyment out of some sombreros and giant inflatable cactus plants that were well received at J’s 30th!

    And if course it is my solemn promise to run the sisterhood giveaway on my own blog. Yay!

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