Various and Sundry Updates from Three Weeks Out


1. Far too many items on my pre-wedding to-do list begin with the word “buy.”

2. I got a second-degree burn on my right pointer finger in a candle-lighting incident (word to the wise: the wax on the wick of a never-been-used candle burns hotter than regular candle wax). My first thought after “ow” and “Shut up Collin, I am legitimately hurt” was “I wonder if this will heal before the wedding.” The weeks before a wedding are extra dangerous for accident-prone folks like myself.

3. I hate pornography for making it impossible for me to ask social media where I can get a good facial. But I don’t know, and my jawline is breaking out, and my understanding is if I wait much longer it will be Too Close To The Wedding for a facial. Boo.

4. Conference calls with your ceremony musicians are more fun when your ceremony musicians are your friends.

5. Delegating is not as stress-relieving as people say it is when you still have to answer questions and make decisions regarding the tasks you’ve delegated.

6. Our wedding hotel is The Absolute Worst and I keep wanting to call them and say, “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? You are in for some bad internet press!” but then I a) suppress my delusions of Internet Grandeur b) figure I should wait to see how the actual weekend of the wedding goes before slamming them c) worry that they would put itching powder in my sheets out of retaliation because if they had ANY business interest in providing anything better than The Worst in customer service, we’d wouldn’t be at this point. But if you are getting married in Pittsburgh and want the poop now, email me.


  1. SO TRUE on #5. Particularly when I had to repeat myself over and over in saying, no really, I don’t have any more opinions on this area, you can just figure it out on your own as to what’s best. Ergh.

  2. 1. Ditto. It’s kind of appalling.
    2. Ouch. And I hate wedding brain. It’s actually ruined me for work. I hate it.
    3. I hate the porn kind of facial. (I’ve said hate a lot in this comment). I wanted to get a pre-wedding facial but my skin is so very sensitive.
    4. I bet!
    5. AGREED.
    6. I’m so sorry about your hotel.

    • I also have really sensitive skin, which is part of the reason I only want to get a facial from a salon someone I trust can vouch for. But a good facial makes me glow for weeks. I want that!

  3. So, our wedding hotel was AWFUL (http://www.wedding-for-two.com/2011/02/saturday-continued-or-vendor-review-our.html), and honestly, if you can, book a room somewhere else the night before the wedding for just you, if you were going to stay there. You do not need the stress of the sucky hotel, and you also don’t need to see them treating your guests like crap, which I found to be even more stressful than my room with damp carpet.

    • How does this happen? Hotels are the epitome of the SERVICE industry. They should be treating guests with nothing but respect and patience. The booking agent HUNG UP on my friend Ben when he called her out on lying about walking distance to another hotel, after LYING about the availability of rooms in the hotel. THE WORST!

  4. Hello Robin… are you drinking coffee and black tea? I am asking because, for the breakout, several weeks pre wedding I stopped completely with caffeine and caffeinated drinks, and it totally cleaned my skin. Also, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. There are some gel free oil free products that feel like water and are not greasy. Ok now I sound like a commercial.
    But the ban on caffeine worked miracles on my skin, apparently caffeine interferes with detoxifying process and then you get more bumps, maybe it is worth a try?

    • I am enjoying a cup of joe right now. I have already switched to caffeine-free Diet Coke (and am hoping to switch to Fresca next week. I can’t cut out carbonated beverages completely, I am TOO WEAK), so maybe I can snip out the coffee next?

  5. If it’s any consolation, hubs and I were seriously considering suing our venue one week out. A series of miscommunications that resulted in A LOT of stress and more $$ spent the week prior had us livid. However, for the actual weekend of our wedding they were a dream to work with and hustled to make things seamless. I sincerely hope this will be the case for you as well.

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