Hey-Na Hey-Na


My engagement ring is back! I feel so much less naked now.

Plus I’m very happy with how the wedding band came out. I think the two rings look fabulous together.

So how do you think they prop up the rings for that photo?


  1. I love your rings. (And how do they stand up the rings for that picture?)

  2. Beautiful rings! They look perfect together.

    Did you specially request them to take that photo for you?

    • I didn’t. I think they photographed it because we’re the first couple to use a brown diamond as the center stone. My actual engagement ring is on their website somewhere, with our engraving and everything. I assume this picture will go up alongside it.

  3. Robin, your rings are RAD! I’ve never been super keen on cut-out/ fitting rings, but your set is amazing. The wavy wedding band is so cool you could wear it on its own!

    As for the ‘ring posing’, do you have blu-tack in America? It’s sticky yet removable stuff which you stick posters on walls with (etc). There could be a hidden little ball of blu-tack under the rings? Or maybe the jeweller has photoshopped out his fingers!

  4. gorgeous! It is funny how strange it feels when your ring is off. Glad yours is back!

    • I’m surprised that instead of feeling the weight of my ring now that it is back on my finger, I feel the lack of absence of my ring. Like my finger is complete again. It’s cheesy, but true.

  5. I was gonna say gum…but sticky tack would also work!
    And yes, very lovely pair you got!

  6. magic……Robin you didn’t know you have magical rings????? Besides them being SO MAGNIFICANT they are magical as well…..don’t ask how she does it…just believe in magic!!!!!!

  7. It looks beautiful! I don’t understand the magic of product photos…but this is awesome.

  8. Wow, your rings are stunning! They look very similar to my mom’s rings, which obv hold a soft place in my heart. (My mom has a ruby as her center stone instead.)

  9. Prettttttttty shiiiiiiiny things. *is a magpie*

  10. Sweet Fannie Mae, those are gorgeous rings. I mean it.

  11. I though I left a comment on this post. Or maybe I was just struck dumb by the amazingness of that ring set. It’s even more stunning as a set, and I liked it when it was just an engagement ring. Wowzah.

  12. Those are gorgeous – are you sure that isn’t the computer rendering of the rings though? In my experience, pictures that look that good are the CAD image, not the actual rings.

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