Netflix Watch Instantly Betrays Me


I may have watched a dozen episodes of Say Yes to the Dress over the past two days.

I maybe want to take Keasha to brunch.  (Audrey can come too.)

I might have had to hide behind the couch during some of the testimonials, particularly those involving jealous sisters or Randy the Fashion Imp.

I possibly teared up during the little capping scene at the end of each episode where they show people actually get married… every single time.

I definitely got most excited whenever someone said “no” to the dress, particularly when repeat “price point” violator Dianne was involved.


  1. Oh, no. See, I did NOT need to know that shows like this were available on instant view.

  2. Um. I don’t have cable. This has saved me from mindless hours in front of Bravo and TLC. The only shows I really miss are Say Yes to the Dress, What Not to Wear, all the Real Housewives, and Top Chef.

    Shiiiiiiit. You’ve now given me netflix-knowledge access back into my mindless hours of tv crap. I love tv crap. This is dangerous.

    • We also don’t have cable, and like you Ms. Bunny that really doesn’t cut off my need to feed on mindless TV. This is the streaming video era, and mindless TV will find you if you don’t find it.

  3. I agree…. this is dangerous information

  4. My unfavourite is the bitchy twin sister (the brunette). I wanted to fly through the TV and shake her!

    We don’t have Netflix up here, so I have to wait for wedding show marathon Fridays. Yet another reason why Friday is my favourite weekday.

    • I could not cringe hard enough to properly react to that twin. You know, the bride twin said something that maybe some people would find slightly less than graceful—that she was excited to have a major life event that belonged to just her and not to her and her twin—but she said it with sincerity and straightforwardness and you couldn’t help sympathize. If the non-bride twin had shown up to the fitting and said, “This is really unpleasant for me because I feel like I’m being left behind/I’m not used to only one of us being at the center of attention” I would have found her a lot more tolerable. I guess what I’m saying is self-aware self-absorbedness is ok in my book, but oblivious selfishness is not.

  5. i was watching the other day and despite how awful the girl was, i also teared up when they showed her getting married. what the??

    • Which one? I found myself liking most of the brides, with the exception of a) people who overstated the budget when relative where paying for the dress and b) the Minnesota Jetsetter (but I think she the Reality TV Villain Editing Special, because she actually made me feel sorry for Dianne, which I would have said a few episodes earlier was impossible).

      I feel like the people who are most harshly depicted are the “civilians” who offer opinions on dresses. In fact, I told my friend Liz that if she were a helper on that show they would give her the crazy person musical cue, and Liz added that they would get one shot of her face reacting to a dress she didn’t like, and repeat it a million times. Which is TOO TRUE.

  6. I also did not need to know this show was on instant netflix. I’m like Becca, I don’t have cable. And I am already able to find too much crap tv to watch. I need to just forget you told us this.

  7. I find it really interesting how many of us internet blogger types have given up cable.

  8. it is definetly true that i’m sure the editing they do is not too flattering. the ones who come along usually as the harder to bear. come to think of it, i think it goes: guests of bride, people who work there, bride

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